How To Fix All In One WP Migration Import Stuck

all in one wp migration import stuck

Why Does All In One WP Migration Import Stuck Abruptly?

All-in-One WP Migration is a popular plugin used by WordPress users to migrate or back up their website data. However, sometimes users may encounter an issue where the import process gets stuck and doesn’t progress further.

This so happens to be a common issue that even experienced users of the WordPress community encounter from time to time. I personally faced this problem frequently last year (2022), and upon some investigation, I discovered that there is a valid reason for this.

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What is ModSecurity?

This is simply a web application firewall that protects your site from malicious injections.

Though sometimes it may get a little excessive and block some valid changes made by website owners, like in the case of importing Website Backups using All in one Migration Plugin.

Now, according to one of the developers of the All in one migration plugin, this issue may be caused by ModSecurity, a security feature in web hosting environments that can potentially block file uploads from unrecognized sources.

All in one Wp Migration is a freemium plugin that allows users to export a WordPress site’s content, media files, plugins, and theme as a single file in one click. This Exported file or Backup can then be uploaded or migrated to a new site via FTP, cPanel, Google Drive, and more. 


This plugin is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, so naturally it makes the migration process easier and accessible to anyone for free. 

Heck, I had to search for alternatives when I first came to this roadblock of constantly getting imports stuck, but none really did it for me as good ole All-in-one WP Migration.

Luckily there is a fix to this migration imports abruptly getting stuck.

Solution To The Stuck All In One WP Migration Import

For clarity, I’d be using the following terms: 

  • Website One as the website you wish to migrate from and,
  • Website Two as the website you wish to migrate to.

The solution here lies in taking a different approach in uploading the Backup File you must have exported from website one into the folder called ai1wm-backups of website two.

This folder so happens to be where this Migration plugin exports and stores all its backups.

The idea here would – uploading the backup file from website one to website two without using the import feature on all in one Migration Plugin. Once the file is uploaded, the plugin should automatically recognize the backup file within this folder and then we can move on to use the “Restore” feature to complete the website migration.

Restore Limitations - All in one WP Migration

However, there is a little setback with using the “Restore” feature on the updated versions of this plugin. As we can see the restore functionality is now part of the paid extension.

Luckily, I’ve scoured the internet to get you an untampered version 6.7 of this plugin that allows us to use the Restore feature without a hitch.

All-in-one WP Migration 6.7

Step 1. Install version 6.7 of All in One WP Migration Plugin

This is the part where we get to upload the plugin provided above to website two.

  • Navigate to the “Plugins” section on the left-hand menu and click on -> “Add New”.
  • From here, you’d want to use the “Upload Plugin” button to manually install the plugin.

Install All in one WP Migration Plugin 6.7

Note: If you’ve got an updated version of this plugin, it may be best to deactivate that before activating this. It appears that there is some sort of conflict between the two versions, even when the intention is simply to downgrade the updated version.

Step 2. Upload File Backup To ai1wm-backups

I’d assume you’ve exported and downloaded the Backup File from website one to your local computer. Moving on, let’s Upload this Backup File to website two. Just so you know there are a couple of ways to go about this – be it through an FTP, Cpanel or a File Manager Plugin.

For convenience, we’d be using a File Manager Plugin to make this upload happen.

However, if you are familiar with uploading files to your website’s database using any of the means I mentioned above – please, by all means, go for it.

  • Install & Activate the Plugin “File Manager” by mndpsingh287.

File Manager Plugin

  • Open up the File Manager plugin
  • Navigate through the folders using the path Public Wp-content  ai1wm-backups.

Once you are in the ai1wm-backups folder, click the Upload icon to select the backup File.

When the Backup File is selected, you should find its upload progress on the right side of your screen, and you just have to give it some time to complete the upload – The upload time should depend on the speed of your internet connection and the size of your backup file.

Upload Backup File - File Manager

Step 3. Restore Backup Files

When the upload is complete, all in one wp migration plugin should be able to recognize this file on website two, and we simply need to open up the backup sub-section of this plugin by:

Hovering over All-in-one WP Migration To Select Backups Then use the Restore Button.

All in one Restore Feature

This should initiate the Migration process, and after it’s done, you should get a prompt notifying you that your current site’s data we’ll be overwritten with the new one.

Click on Proceed to continue.

Restore Prompt

Once the restore is successful, you can now move on to review your website to make sure all is intact as well as follow the prompt guide in making adjustments to your permalinks structure.

Final Thoughts

While this is a convenient way to fix this problem, there are cases where your site’s backup file size may exceed the upload limit of 512MB on the free version.

I created a quick video a while back on How to Increase the Maximum Upload File Size of this plugin.

However, if everything checks out for you using this method please leave us a kind word below, also don’t hesitate to ask related questions.


  1. I tried this approach but after restoring, any link i click on my dashboard automatically starts a download of one file or the other. I can’t view the website either. I don’t know what to do

    1. It maybe be best you actually view your website using an Incognito browser or better still confirm all changes that have been made with a different IP address, device or browser.

      Clearing your website caching can also help, and i you use a web hosting like Hostinger there is a flush cache and update site info button on the HPanel to set things right.

      Let me know if you notice anything different afterwards.

  2. Thank you, this is the only solution that worked after hours of searching.

    1. Glad to hear that Robert.🙏

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