How To Download Facebook Ad Library Videos (2023 Guide)

How To Download Facebook Ad Library Videos

The Potential of The Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library (or, as it can also be referred to, Meta Ads Library) remains one of the most valuable resources in the digital marketing world for designing effective marketing campaigns and strategies that yield successful results.

Thus, knowing how to use and download Facebook Ad Library videos should be common knowledge for advertisers seeking inspiration to improve the overall quality and delivery of their ad creatives. Learn everything worth knowing about the Facebook Ad Library.

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How To Download Facebook Ad Library Videos

Within this article, I have outlined six easy-to-follow steps for downloading Facebook Ad Library videos. To get started, we need to filter our search results to locate the desired video ad creative within the Facebook Ad Library. However, if you’ve completed this step, you can proceed directly to step five (5).

Step 1. Head to Facebook Ad Library

Let’s start by opening Facebook’s Ad Library with the URL Facebook.com/ads/library.

Facebook Ad Library

Step 2. Select Location and Ad Category

The location’s field is usually pre-populated to match the country you currently reside in, and since search results for products and services may vary with demographics, we get the option to filter our search to a particular country or you could select “All” as shown in the image below for your search queries to be applied Worldwide. 

Facebook Ad Library Category

Next to it, you should find the “Ad Category” that allows us to filter our search between “All ads” creatives and categories related to “Issues, Elections, or Politics”.

Categories such as “Housing, Employment, or Credit” are dynamically filtered to certain countries like the United States.

Step 3. Search For A Keyword or advertiser

Once you’ve selected the “Country” and “Ad Category” you wish to filter your results to, let’s move on to enter the search query for the specific ad creative you are interested in.

This could include relevant keywords, brand names, or specific details related to the ad creative you are on the lookout for. By entering the search query, you can narrow down the results further and locate the specific ad creative you have in mind.

Lululemon Ad Library Search Results

Step 4. Filter Results To Video Media Type

To access the filter options, you need to select the filter button on the right side of the results page, just below the search bar. These filter options provide you with control over the search results, allowing you to narrow down your search for the winning video ad creatives you are searching for.

Since we’d like to download a video ad creative, let’s change the media type to “videos” and then Click the “Apply Filter” button.

Filter Facebook Ad Library Media Type To Video

Step 5. Download the Video File

To save the video file you can either do this from the main results page or open up individual ad creatives, by clicking on “See Ad details”.

Note: Before downloading the video file, please ensure that you have played the video (you can pause it afterwards). I demonstrated specifically how to do so in the video below.

Facebook Ad Library save video as

  • Next, you’d want to right-click on the video To Select “Save video as…”

When you receive a prompt asking you to download the file to your desktop or PC, go ahead and confirm the request by clicking on the download button. This will initiate the download process, and the file will be saved to your designated download folder on your computer.

Step 6. Convert the Video File to MP4

Lastly, let’s open up our downloads folder, and you should see a file that may appear blank or not playable at first glance (we’ll be changing that in a second).

To make the file playable, you may want to rename it to something appropriate for the ad creative. I’ll be changing mine to “Goli Ad Creative.” Just before you save your changes, be sure to add “.mp4” at the end of the file name.

To make the file playable, you’d want to rename it to something appropriate for the ad creative. For example, in my case, I’ll be changing it to “Goli Ad Creative”.

Before saving the change, be sure to add .mp4 at the end of the file name.

This should convert the file to be playable across all media players, and that’s it.

You can repeat this process as much as you want without additional or paid tools.

Final Thoughts

We’ve All Had That Thought about Facebook Ad Creatives, where we found a disruptive video creative making waves within its industry and connecting on a deeper level with its audience, and the thought of “I wish I could save a copy for later reference” comes to mind.

You can learn a little more about the Facebook Ad Library and how useful it can be for advertisers in gathering ideas from existing ad campaigns to validate their ideas for target keywords related to selected products and services.

I hope the steps provided helped you download your desired video creatives from the Facebook Ad Library and if it did, a kind word would be much appreciated in the comments below.


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